Campaign Standards

These guidelines are designed to help brands, agencies and influencers understand our campaign quality & help you develop campaign content that are consistent with Infloso’s standards. Please note that this list is a guide, not a comprehensive list of what is allowable or forbidden.

We work to deliver the best user experience and recognize that there are meaningful differences between particular industries and markets. These differences are reflected in our implementation of these standards. Not adhering to these guidelines may impact Campaign visibility on the site.


Campaigns and Only Campaigns. We do not allow non-promotional campaigns. This includes, but is not limited to, training and education opportunities, individual promotion, brand ambassador opportunities, non-monetary campaigns, barter collaborations without basic monetary remuneration, influencer solicitation, expired Campaigns, and Campaigns that don’t represent a specific promotion or goal.

Don’t discriminate. Campaigns on Infloso must be made available to qualified influencers regardless of age, race, ethnicity and sexual orientation. Discrimination is strictly prohibited on Infloso. Influencers should be evaluated based on their reach, categories and platforms rather than factors that do not affect their ability to successfully perform the promotion of the Campaign they’re applying to.

Campaigns without Fees. Campaigns that people find on Infloso should not cost the influencer anything to apply and begin work. Influencers should be provided with Campaigns at no cost. Fees to apply or required demo or cost of product outside of a campaign for influencers may indicate predatory and unfair practices.

Make application accessible and transparent. Influencers should not have to set up or navigate through complicated steps to begin the application process. Campaigns will receive lowered visibility if brands/agencies are found attempting to maliciously or intentionally manipulate our search results to receive more traffic for their Campaign.

Legality. We do not allow Campaigns that violate any applicable laws, nor do we allow any Campaigns that require the influencer to violate any applicable laws.

Respect Influencer’s Privacy. Information gathered in the application process should be shared carefully within your company and never made available to 3rd parties.

Campaigns from Authorized Parties. We do not allow Campaigns from agencies that are not authorized to post on behalf of the brand. Each Campaign that appears in our search results should be posted by an authorized representative of the brand/agency. Third parties creating a campaign on behalf of a brand should be clearly identified so that they don’t misrepresent their relationship to the influencer or the brand.

Accurate and Detailed Campaigns. We do not allow Campaigns with deceptive, generic, misleading, or missing Campaign information.

Direct Campaigns from brands. Connecting influencers with brands is our main goal, and we’ll seek to connect these parties in the most direct way possible. We partner with many content providers to bring quality content to our influencers, but we’ll prioritize the version of the campaign coming directly from the brand.

Campaign Titles and Descriptions

Don’t use offensive content. If a reasonable person would consider any aspect of your listing inappropriate or offensive, the visibility of your campaign may be affected.

Leave click-bait out of titles. Campaign titles should be the name of the particular campaign strictly related to the promotion, with no extra information. Campaign descriptions is where the basic detail of what is being promoted and how, who is doing the promotion and anything that an influencer should know about the promoter or the campaign before applying to it should be detailed.

Don’t use campaign content that isn’t yours. Each campaign that appears on Infloso must be offered by an authorized representative of the company that has the true ownership or the right to promote the in-question product/service/brand.

Offer a real campaign. Infloso is a marketplace for campaigns and brand & influencer collaboration for promotional activities. Non-campaign content--including spam, scams and other offers--will not be shown to influencers.

Don’t try to game the system. Like other search engines, Infloso uses algorithms to provide the freshest, most relevant content in response to searches. Brands or Agencies that attempt to exploit these principles by reposting campaigns within a short timeframe or posting campaigns in more locations than the campaign is offered for increased visibility will have the visibility of their campaigns degraded.

Tell the truth. Provide the true details of your campaign, including its work and promotional detail for the influencer and whether the campaign is `being offered by the brand itself or by an agency on the brand’s behalf.

Quality Titles and Descriptions. We value Campaigns with titles and descriptions that are detailed, accurate, and well-formatted. Leave clickbait and extraneous campaign details out of titles. Campaign descriptions should primarily provide details about the promotion and should not focus on non-pertinent information.

Campaign Platforms & Influencer Budgets

Platforms. You can choose to create a promotional campaign for multiple or individual social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook,Tumblr, Youtube, etc. For every platform you choose to include in the campaign, you are solely responsible to comply with the policies, rules, limitations and guidelines of that platform.

No. of Influencers. For every platform you choose in the campaign, you can choose the number of influencers you want promoting your campaign on that particular social media platform. Please note that the same influencer can apply to multiple platforms in your campaign if the influencer is present and active on the referred social media.

Reach. You can choose to setup a minimum reach that an influencer must have in order to be eligible to apply and begin work in your campaign after your approval. The reach must be relevant to the platform it is intended for and you can select the type of reach you want (Eg., Followers, Subscribers, etc.). Please try to keep an appropriate level of reach as influencers who do not match the minimum reach set will not be able to apply for the campaign.

Budget per Influencer. The budget per influencer is a very important aspect of the campaign that determines how many influencers will be likely to apply to and promote your campaign. While setting the budget per influencer for a platform, you must take into account carefully, the number of minimum reach you have set, the category of the influencer, the complexity of the promotional content that the influencer will be required to create, the platform for which the promotion is, and the value that you want influencers to perceive of your brand/campaign. If you set unrealistic and low budgets, you might not get any influencers to promote your campaign due to lack of interest as influencers have to work a lot to create the promotional content for your brand. We recommend you check our budget suggestions which will give you an idea of how much the budget should be for influencers of different categories, reach and platforms based on market trends and experts.

Promotional Content

Inoffensive Content. Campaign and their promotional content should never include offensive content such as content that’s explicit in nature, lewd, sexual, or derogatory. Campaigns, content, and messages violate this guideline if they’re offensive and expose influencers or other brands/agencies to content that’s vulgar or illicit.

Clear and Concise content. All promotional content in a campaign should be clear and concise in a manner that it is legible and easy to understand for an influencer and provides enough detail on how and what is to be done during the campaign promotion.

Instructions and Remarks. Any instructions, comments, remarks or suggestions from the brand/agency to the influencer should be given clearly and promotional content that the influencer needs to post or include as it is in the promotion should be clearly and properly separated and provided in “….” dedicated spaces that is easily differentiable from any such suggestion, remark, comment or instruction.

Realistic & Fair ask. The promotional content should not require the influencer to do inhuman, illegal, offensive, or unrealistic work in terms of oral, visual, written, suggestive or depictive content. Remember, influencers work really hard to create content for a brand and your expectations should be realistic.

Platform Relevancy. Please provide content that is relevant and appropriate for the platform it is meant to be promoted on. Every social media platform is different and has their own limitations and such limitations must be incorporated during the creation of a campaign and promotional content. Your promotional content must comply with the rules, limitations and policies of the third party social media that it is going to be used for. For eg, twitter has a 144 character limit, instagram has particular rules for Reels, IGTV, post and a story which you need to keep in mind while creating the promotional content for instagram.

Campaign review and approval

Campaigns that don’t meet Infloso standards may be subject to review and require additional information from the brand/agency. Campaigns that prove misleading, compromise the influencer experience or those which we are not convinced represent a “real” campaign may be made only selectively visible or removed from search results altogether. Please note: We cannot give every reason why a campaign or a brand/agency may be removed, and we always retain the right to undertake such the removal of any campaign, organic or sponsored, if we feel it is in our interest or our users’ interest.