Trust and Safety

We believe in building trust. Your safety is our priority.

There are more than 1 million influencers from all over the world in Infloso's database—that’s more than the top agencies combined. Infloso is officially partnered with all top social media platforms. Top brands globally partner with Infloso.

What makes all of that possible? Trust.

Your Social Media

Connecting your social media account is completely secure and safe. It does not give Infloso the permission to post on your behalf or access your account passwords or sensitive information. We only ask you to link your social media profile to verify it belongs to you and to suggest you what to do to grow. We can only see what everybody else sees on your profile. We are officially partnered with all social media platforms like Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, etc. You have complete control. Rest assured, connect freely.

Your Money

Your money in Infloso wallet is completely safe. Nobody else has access to your wallet besides you. You can withdraw or use it whenever you want to.

Your Collabs

We understand there are trust issues about brands not paying after work is done or influencers not doing the job after getting paid. We take care of it for you. Infloso guarantees the payment for you. Brands always pay before collaborating and influencers get paid after they complete the campaign. We hold the money for the safety and satisfaction of both, the brand and the influencer. At each step, you have complete control.

Your Email

We will never spam you. We do not send you random informations, updates or newsletters you did not subscribe to. We will only send relevant information about work, nothing else.

Verification & Documents

We verify your mobile number, email and documents to verify your identity and create a safe platform, free of spammy people. This also helps us ensure that nobody else can create a fake account in your name. All your documents, personal data, mobile number and email ID are kept encrypted, not accessible to anybody.

We're here for you, always

Our global team is standing by 24/7 in 5 different languages to help make things right and solve any problems you're facing. Just reach out if there’s anything you need.

Or, find the answers to anything you need in our Help Center Influencer | Brand | Agency