Campaign Reviewal

To keep campaigns safe and appropriate for everyone, campaigns are reviewed to make sure they comply with our policies. Most campaigns are reviewed within 1 business day. These standards, guidelines and policies are designed to promote a good experience for people applying to the campaigns, to help you be successful with your campaigns, and to help make sure that campaigns follow applicable laws.

How campaign approval works

After you create or edit a campaign, the review process begins automatically. All content in your campaign is reviewed, including your title, budgets, type, description, categories, locations, reference links, promotional content and any images or video. During this process, the campaign’s status will be "Under review."

If your campaign passes the review and is approved, its status will change to "Active," and it will start to run. If the review indicates that your campaign violates a policy, its status will change to "Disapproved," which means it can’t show anywhere. You’ll be notified of the policy violation and told what you can do next.

You can check the status of your campaign in the campaigns tab.

How long campaign review is done

  • Most campaigns are reviewed within 1 business day. However, some reviews take longer if the campaign requires a more complex review.
  • If your campaign is under review for more than 2 full business days, contact us for information.
  • Infloso reserves the right to prioritize campaign reviews or re-reviews to ensure the overall stability of system operations, or temporarily restrict campaign serving to ensure policy compliance.

How to start campaigns on a particular date

If you need your campaign approved by a particular date, submit the campaign several days in advance. To stop a campaign from running as soon as it’s approved, pause the campaign. Paused campaigns are reviewed just like active campaigns. Learn how to pause or resume or end your campaigns. (pause, resume or end your campaigns)

You can pause, resume or end your campaigns.

When you pause a live campaign, it’s status will change to “Paused” but it will still be shown in “Active Campaigns”. However, users will not be able to apply to the campaign. They will be able to save the campaign for application when it’s resumed. You cannot make any changes to a paused campaign. You can wither resume or end it. If you do not resume a paused campaign and the timeline of the campaign (in case of fixed timeline only) expires, it will end automatically and its status will be changed to “completed campaign”.

If you resume a paused campaign, it will become live instantly and its status will be changed back to “active”. Users will be able to see as well as apply to the campaign.

If you wish to end a campaign, you can only do so after you have paused the campaign. Please note that once you end the campaign, it will not be shown to new users on the explore page & nobody will be able to apply to it. However, influencers who are already approved and working on the campaign, will still be able to see and complete the campaign like before. You cannot end a campaign for influencers who are already in process of completing the job. After ending the campaign, the status will change to “stopped” and will be visible in “active campaigns” if influencers are still working on the campaign. Once all pending influencers have completed the promotion, the status of the campaign will change to “completed” and it will be visible in “completed campaigns”.

Rejection, Hold & Disapproval of Campaigns

Your campaign might be rejected, put on hold or disapproved during review.

When a campaign is rejected, you cannot edit and fix that campaign. It is rejected if it is in major violation of our campaign & community standards, guidelines and policies.

When a campaign is disapproved, you can edit and fix the campaign based on the suggestion and violation we provide you with. When edited and fixed as per suggestion, it will be reviewed again and does not guarantee approval.

When a campaign is put on hold, it means that your campaign is not in violation of our policies or guidelines. It has been put on hold for one of the reasons mentioned below:

  • The budget per influencer is not adequate.
  • The campaign has been flagged for fixable errors.
  • The quality of the campaign content is not up to the mark.
  • Our experts think you can make the campaign more effective and have some free suggestions to give you.
  • There is a mismatch with type of campaign and product, incomplete data or platforms.

In all cases, you can fix the campaign based on the suggestion or reason for hold. The campaign will be reviewed again after changes and does not guarantee approval.